2 thoughts on “My American Childhood in Reverse

  1. As always when I read one of your poems, I’m blown away by your ability to express so many thoughts and emotions so concisely and beautifully❤️you, my sweet girl, are a gifted writer and so beautiful—-inside and out! I love you very much, and I loved my time with dean and Amelia last weekend. Amelia just makes me laugh out loud, and she has the kindest heart of any kid I know❤️ I had some time with dean alone and he said that he’s feeling more positive about things even tho he is still not sleeping all that well. I hope that you, too, are feeling better about things…I like to think about all my peeps being happy😜 Xxoo Linda

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    1. I lived in North Carolina way back in the early 1970’s. There was a pretty black girl who worked where I did and I thought I would ask her out. She was terrified because she would be harassed by the white men in her town if she said yes. I was from Ohio and saw nothing wrong but she knew better and said no. I couldn’t understand the stark racism that existed after so many years beyond the civil war.

      I admire your work.


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