Mark Your Calendars: Summer Events

I’m excited to share a few upcoming events! First, if you’re in the Denver area, mark your calendar for Friday, July 9 at 6 PM, when I’ll be reading with Suzi Q Smith at Tattered Cover’s McGregor Square location. Check it out here: I’m beyond thrilled to share an event with Suzi; her poems are amazing, inspiring, and enthralling. This reading is free.

Next! Well, really, first—I have some events this week! On Friday, June 17, I’ll be reading at Lighthouse Writers Workshop’s Lit Fest at 4:30 PM with a terrific lineup: Sandra Newman, Lija Fisher, Nicky Beer, Daniel Levine, Ellen Barish, and Abby Chabitnoy. Register for this free event here.

And on Saturday, July 18 from noon to 1:00, I’m honored to be part of Writing Big, a panel about the role social justice plays in the stories we tell. I’ll be participating with Suzi Q. Smith, R. Alan Brooks, Angelique Stevens, Mathangi Subramanian, and Jade Wong-Baxter from the Frances Goldin Literary Agency. The event costs $20-30 to attend; you can register here. I *adore* the people on the panel, even the ones I haven’t met yet. Check them out if you don’t know them by following the links attached to their names in the lineup. (I am especially a huge fan of R. Alan Brook’s What’d I Miss; if you don’t know it, set aside an afteroon and read it all.)

And last but not least, on Saturday, June 25, the Colorado Book Awards ceremony takes place at Denver’s Ellie Caulkins Opera House. I’m still kinda shocked to be a finalist with so many amazing authors. Get tickets here.

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