Brockman-Campbell Book Award

Exciting news! I was honored to get a call a few weeks ago that White Lung was selected as the winner of the North Carolina Poetry Society’s 2022 Brockman-Campbell Book Award. Even though I am a Coloradan now, I still consider myself a North Carolina poet, and the contest’s rules did too (and if you’ve read the book, you’ll know it’s the teensiest bit about NC (ha). The judge for the contest was Jeff Worley, a recent Poet Laureate of Kentucky.

Check out the announcement here:

And here’s a poem by Jeff Worley, too:


  1. Laurie says:

    That’s wonderful! And we’ll deserved! 🤩


  2. Kim, this is such cool news, congrats!!! And I see in the writeup that you are teaching at Mines?! Tell me more! When did you start? Hope we can catch up soon – it’s been too long! Cheers to Dean and Amelia too, Jenny


  3. So fantastic!!!  There is so much out there waiting for you! Love, Collette


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